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Topo Stop E250
Topo Stop E500
Topo Stop E50
Topo Stop R100
Mole Stop 1000
Mole Stop Solar

Topo Stop E250 with 3D-VOX technology is our most popular pest control product since 1986. Against rodents up to 250 m² (2700 sq.ft) open space.

Two units of Topo Stop E250 work as main and satellite for use in 1-2 open spaces up to 500 m² (5400 sq.ft).

New Topo Stop E50
Effective repeller with emulated 3D-VOX. Working area up to 50 m².
Also 3-pack at a special price!

State of the Art resonance device. Only product on the market with proven effect in closed areas. Covers up to 100 m² constr. area.

Mole Stop effectively drives voles, moles and snakes away from the garden. Working area up to 1200 m² -13000 sq.ft.

Mole Stop powered by solar panel. Rechargeable inside panel ensures operation during the night.








E250 satellite
AC adapter 9V
Extension cable
Solar panel
Ext. cable 2m
Cable connector

Topo Stop E250 satellite unit for the expansion of existing E250/500. Incl. 20 m connect cable.

AC Adapter, 230V~/ 9V with 2 m cable. For Mole Stop – included in Topo Stop E250, E500 & R100.

20 m low voltage ext. cord with corrosion protected contacs for Topo Stop and Mole Stop. Incl. cable connector V207.

Solar panel, 6V DC/600mA. Incl. mount spike and 2 m connect cord V208. For one Mole Stop unit only.

V208 2 m extension cable with corrosion protected contacts. Excluding connector V207.

V207 cable connector for extension cable V208


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